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* the idea to offer the Music Octopus T-shirt
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Base Drum of the design. (for a Drummer Grand Child)

Music Octopus Customizable Kids T-shirt

Music Octopus Customizable Kids T-shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Music Octopus Customizable Men's T-shirt

Music Octopus Customizable Men's T-shirt

by EdelhertDesignStudio

We also frequently get tips for interesting
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for the panoramic blossom see through
coffee mug.
A Coffee Mug that Instantly gives
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Here Below Our Most Popular
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Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

by EdelhertDesignStudio

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Running Dog Cartoon Cust. Text & Color Pet Bowl

Running Dog Cartoon Cust. Text & Color Pet Bowl

BTW you can see an actual customized
Pet Bowl in our Tweet about it!

by EdelhertDesignStudio



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Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box

Peacock with feathers Keepsake Box

by EdelhertDesignStudio

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H A L L O W E E N --- Is Comming!!!

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Sometimes when talking to some of our
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New Variations...,

Upcomming Hollidays:

Also the Upcoming Hollidays usually
help to ignite new ideas for new
designs for products like for example, to 'Re-create'
the Popular Harmless Turantula Coffee Mug Design

Into a Special Halloween - Cocolate Box - Design!
As you can see here below:

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

Harmless Tarantula Coffee Mug

by EdelhertDesignStudio

Funny Tarantula Halloween Chocolate Box

Funny Tarantula Halloween Chocolate Box

by EdelhertDesignStudio

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Our Tarantula Designs!!!

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