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How to Make a Million.

O.K. here is a little HAPPY NEWSFLASH!!!

about how to make a Million Dollar with the help of a Coach you can see it all in the 'YouTube Movie' here below.

You can have a look at the weblog to follow his proceedings, or else - at the link here below you can have a look at an interesting book that I found:


ShortStory about ‘Writers Workspaces that Inspire’

It wasn’t at all tidy in his office, it had come to a point that the workspace didn’t really seem workable and would affect productivity considerably. This was the point to ask his Assitant to hire an expert to deal with this problem. It soon became clear that his office needed a “make over”, it needed to become a Fun Place to Be and Inspirational, with enough storage place for books and magazines to consult reguarly.

An 'Office/library' that did sound like a good idea.

Eventually they came up with a special concept of the “Out-door-Home-Office”. With three desks, and a possibility to open the window in front of the desk in the middle to give it it’s “Out-door” apperance and the possibility to sit in the sun while writing.

To be able to feel the warmth of the sun on his face and feel the cool breeze of the wind while writing must have a positive influence on inspiration. With a cordless keyboard and Mouse he can easily find a nice spot in the sun and still be able to look at the screen once in a while. Yes now an interesting workspace was beginning to take shape. Like Marshall McLuhan said: “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”. The door to success.

It is obvious that with this 'Brilliant-Bestseller-Writers-Workspace' he had one of the typical tools of a Bestseller Writer in his hands. It goes without saying that a fishtank with tropical fish is also included in his writer’s domain. It can remind him of the fun times when he writes working onboard of his “Sea Office”, the office on his yacht. Reminding him of his “Floating on Royalties” methaphor.

Talking about suitable workspaces he got an E-mail from his accountant who had
some nice pictures of vihicles that provide a businesslike envirorment to work in. With space for a computer and a mini-bar and that can offer enough space and comfort to work while he travels. On board of a jet he would have enhough space to work and travel at the same time. But when he is on the road some more working space would be appropriate. Although with modern mobile electronics it is a lot easier to transform almost every space into a suitable workspace.

You can hardly imagine that a writer would be able to afford such a luxurious lifestyle just by writing. But that is exactly the secret of his writing success, the lifestyle, how to act and a specific way of living. It is all part of his incredible success, to have a Happy, Healthy and Rich Lifestyle.

You can find a ‘FREE Preview’ of this little ebook at the webstore by clicking on the link here below:


The Healthy Lifestyle Inspired by a Personal Trainer to Kick-start his day by running (for example on a great Sunny beach) to start his day in a peak condition and gets him in a perfect state to create.

You can Experience Such a "Jogging on the Beach Experience" for yourself right NOW if you like by going to:


Just like the author of Harry Potter has done, by making a lot of notes about a specific – in her
case - ‘Fantasie World’. With a lot of this kind of “Backstory” to be able to create multiple amazing stories.

He too has a lot of notes about 'a specific World' that he can use, but this isn't all Fantasy a lot of it is Real! It is the 'Bestseller Writers World'. He too can continue to create a lot of stories, in fact he just finished one about

'Writers Workspaces that Inspire'.

How did you like this Short Story... ? ,

You can place your Comments by Just Clicking on the Comment Link.

Vacation Spanish

If you need to 'Brush Up' on your Spanish, there is a video taped presentation on DVD that learns you 'All The Vacation Spanish You'll Ever Need', you can check it out at Amazon in the link here below:


Creating the 'Write' Article Ideas with A-IGP

The Article Idea Generating Procedure (A-IGP)

As a (Blog) writer it sometimes can be hard to come up with new article ideas.
If you want to have a steady and reliable never fail system or procedure
that guarantees a steady flow of article ideas, than you are lucky because this
Blogpost article is a dream coming true, your problem solved!

O.K. that is a Big Big Big promise, a great responsibility to promise something like that. But there isn’t a Big pressure on my scholders because I simply know that it is a great system, you will love it too! Buckle up here it comes.

Take Notes Always and Everywhere

Firs of all it is good to realise that you constantly are thinking whole day long anyway. The trick is to simply just CAPTURE THOUGHS, Just capture some of your thoughts once in a while. Capture the Interests that catsh your attention. Have a note path at hand at all time everywhere. Also have a Notepath programm running on your computer all the time computer and let it pop-up if you have an idea to note down. Put the notes and ideas and mark a beginning and ending of the idea or note. To make possible to see easily where a new note starts and the other note ends. For example my note about “An Article Idea Generating Procedure” eventually became the idea for this “article” for ‘HP’s Happy Blogspot’.

Scanning Notes / Maturing Notes

Once you have “a haze” of marked notes and ideas, scan them reguarly, add bits or bigger parts to any of the notes now and then. Eventually they can become larger elements that eventually can become suitable for ‘Fillers’ (for Newspaper & Media) for a Blogpost or for Articles or Reports. Copy & Paste related ideas together,
Organise them, put order to it, cutting, reorganising, editing and polishing it make it a filler or an Article. The “A-IGP” always lets you float on a steady flow of material to work with.


The Weather is 'Hot and Sexy'.

If you have been on this site before, you will know that here you can find all kinds of things that can put a SMILE on your face.

For example you can find 'Daily Items' such as the 'Frentic Funnies Cartoon', the 'Joke of the Day' and 'Funny Quote' and other things that are entertaining or educational.

If you like Movies with Steve Martin in it, you will love this Funny Movie. In this Movie he plays a Weatherman from Los Angeles.

You also will see a very young Hot and Sexy Looking - well known from the tv-series 'Sex in the City' - Sarah Jessica Parker in it!!!

You can find it at the link here below:

(or look at the 'Distinguised Weatherforcast' at:Funny Picture - Weather Stone )