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Happy Islands, Canary Islands

In a short time I will be on One of the Canary Islands. In the 1st century A.D. Pomponius Mela refered to the Canary Islands as "The Fortunate Islands", 'Where the inhabitants live quietly happier than the people living in any other land'. You will find 'Live' reports from Internet Cafees on the Island on the 'Dutch language Travel Blog'. Although from now on it will be written in the English Language. The url is:




Some time ago on an other blog I saw a story about the importance of a SMILE, and if I understand it correct there even is scientiffic proof that it has a positive influence on your health! There are several songs about smiling and one of them is from 'Shanice' titled:

"I Love your Smile"

Here below you can have a look at the Video Clip of the Song:

Click here to watch Full Sceen

It's a (Sha)nice song and you can also find it on the CD you see here below.

Equipment to find the "Perfect Beat"

To get the most out of your excersising you can find an exciting array of special
equipment, gadgets like for example Hart Rate Monitors , Stop watches , Sport Shoes. and great books.
"the most 'exotic' gadgets you can get to keep you WET!!!?"

And now take a look at the "Full Spread" of these Energising DVD's !!!

To keep in shape and to get my energy levels up, I frequently excersise. To provide you with the inspiration to choose from all kinds of different techniques to excersise here below you can find the "Full Spread" of a few of them. "DVD's to make you sweat":


Great Technology to listen to 'Energising' Music

Not long ago I mentioned listening to "Energising Music" as a way to get "Energetic". Personally I am very happy with my little MP3 Player it's exiting that such magnificent technology exists! An MP3 Player that's also very useful as an USB-stick to keep your computer files on. Because on this Blog I frequently write about Inspiring Music and Artists, the 'content sensitive' ads on my Blog frequently show a lot of different MP3 Players. So if you happen to think about getting yourself an MP3 Player, or a new one you only have to click on one of the links and read about all the features they have.

You are also welcome to leave a comment with titles of your most 'Energising' Music what kind of Music, what titles gives your the most Exiting Energy Rush?

P.S. it goes without saying that you can also use an MP3 player very well for Relaxing with relaxing music or even with guided meditation.

You can Post your Feed Back by clicking the "Comments" link.


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