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Spreading the "Vision" and the "Happy Vibe"

With my "A VISION for a HAPPY, HEALTHY & RICH LifeStyle" eBook It's not about Quantity (it is hardly 10 pages) but about Quality.

It has a Introduction, (that you can Preview for FREE in my webstore)
It also has an Index with page numbers, It explains the Central Key to manifest this Vision and it also offers Special Tools you can use for it. It's a promise deliverd in a Fact Filled, Inspiring and Entertaining way. It's - as the title suggests - a Vision, a Strategy to create the momentum to manifest all this.
Besides my eBook and "Happy Vibe" COLUMN I consider creating a possible "Happy Vibe" series of ebooks with more Specific Titles covering more Specific Topics.

To get a better idea about what kind of titles people would be interested in I like to receive your comments and suggestions for possible (e)Book Titles.

Many Thanks in advance.


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