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Happy Home Business VI: Marketing Plan

If you have read all the other previous posts about Happy
Home Business, you will recall that I wrote about a
"Business Plan", closely realated
is the "Marketing Plan".

'Let me ask you a question. Do You Have Marketing Plan?'

Interesting question because my own 'Marketing Plan'
is something that I am still in the process of developing
and perfecting myself :)

Marketing is the real back bone of your business. Don't
you think that it is important enough to need a plan,
completely separate from your basic business plan? After
all with out a plan how will you know where you are going.
Let's go over the basic information that your
marketing plan should include....,

(you can read more by clicking on the 'Read More'
link here below.)

First you need a marketing strategy and a budget. It is
a good idea to get the basics of your marketing plan
written down, so that you can see exactly what you are
aiming for. Start the process by making lists.

List of all the advertising you plan to do. Include
websites, newspapers, radio, flyers, the yellow pages ect.

You can think about both 'Online Advertising'
and 'Off line Advertising',

For example recently I wrote what is called 'Fillers'
for (off line) print media. A Filler is a piece of tekst
used to fill a blank space in a publication. It can give
the readers short tit-bits of information. It can break
the lenghier articles. Fillers can give a publication
variety. I frequently get ideas for fillers when I have
a look at the photo's I have made with my digigal camera.
The Fillers usually are some remark or ideas revolving
around my own (royalty free) photo's.

For each form of advertising you should assign an
estimated cost. Determine how many customers you expect
to reach. This will allow you to work out your cost of
per customer, which is how much of you budget you
need to spend on advertising to bring in one customer.

Next make a list all of the pricing policies you plan
to have, as well as any special offers that you think will
be good. Don't worry you can make price changes and
new offers later, The idea here is to have some
basic long term plans.

Another good idea is to have a list of other businesses
in your area that could be considered to be competitors.
You need to know who you are up against and a good plan
to differentiate yourself from them.

This is just a basic outline for starting your
businesses plan. Remember, when in doubt seek out help.
Do a quick search for sample marketing plans online
or visit your local library for more information.

You can Post
your Feed Back
by clicking
the "Comments" link.

Advantage of owing an online home based business

There are thousand of people making a full time income on
the internet doing part time work from the comfort of
their home. These types of people set their own time
for work, live their life with full independence and
have loads of spare time to be spent with their
family and beloved ones.

There are thousand of people making a full time income
on the internet doing part time work from the comfort
of their home. These types of people set their own time
for work, live their life with full independence and
have loads of spare time to be spent with their
family and beloved ones.

An online business don’t need enough money to get started,
it simply require a PC to work from home, an internet
connection, a website and a proper step by step guideline
for starting your online business. You can start
your business with zero or very little investment.

Unlike 9 to 5 day jobs there is no time bound restriction;
you can work from any time and up to any time it’s totally
depend on you that how much time you want to devote for
some time for your business but when it has been established
you can work as little as you like.

You can work from comfort of your home; you don’t have
to travel some where else to start your work. Where you
put your computer is where you were working. You can
simultaneously run more than one online business.
Once your existing online business is automated,
you can spend your free time in improving existing
business or spend your time to start another
online business to generate more revenue.

But to achieve all the above mentioned which are only
few to write, you need to put your dream into action,
without action you can’t even think of getting enough
from your online business. Your dreams can only be achieved
with careful planning. As an entrepreneur, you will need
a plan to avoid pitfalls, to achieve your goals and
to build a profitable business.

Home based business opportunities are only as good as
your commitment. Learn the rules before you embark on
one of many home based business opportunities offered
online. Remember one thing that “You cannot be an expert
without the skills to pull it off and you'll only
make money when you understand how business
people become millionaires!”

Samran Roy is Internet entrepreneur since last five
years and owner of websitehttp://www.uronlinebusiness.com,
which provide information related to Online Home
Based Business Opportunity

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your Feed Back by clicking the "Comments" link.


A Music Business Inside Story

You probably have seen some of the Christmas Music presented
in the 'Video-Splash-Widged' you can find beneath
the 'Movie Trailers Video Widget' There you can find
a special selection of Great Atrists with
their Christmas CD's.

An other great artist that I want to talk about is
Trijntje Oosterhuis, some time ago
she performed at the 'Goois Jazz Festival!',
there she was the 'Mystery Guest'. (Somehow I must
have been enough 'Insider' to know that she would
be the 'Mystery Guest' that evening.) O.K.
now about the (Getting) Inside Story..,

Because I promised to listen to somebody performing in
one of the bands at the Jazz Festival, (In several
areas of the building, several bands where playing at
te same time)
I somehow almost managed to miss
the performance of Trijntje Oosterhuis!

The doors of the hall where already closed and nobody
could get in anymore. Fortunately there also was a side
door near the stage and maybe also because I was there
with a Musician we could get in that way probably as
being seen as one of the 'Music Guy's', having the best
spots possible, practically on stage ourselves! At the
same spot as Willem Duys, Known from Dutch Radio & TV
and known for being a big fan of 'Toots Thielemans'
the Musician that Trijntje performed with.

Trijntje is about to release a new CD with
Burt Bacharach Songs, in the Video here below you can find
a song with a Christmas thought titled: "That's
what Friends are For".

To watch Full Sceen simply click on the right below corner
of the screen when you go to:

Click here
to watch Full Sceen

BTW feel free to: :)

Tell a friend:

Here below you can find one of Trijntjes recent CD's

and the other CD on the Right titled: 'Who'll Speak for Love' has a song from Burt Bacherach especially written for Trijntje Oosterhuis!!

It will be released 25 December 2007.

You can Post
your Feed Back by clicking the "Comments" link.


Incredible Happy HOME Business Idea!

This really is INCREDIBLE!!!!, really I am not kidding here, this can change your whole World View! This really is a Happy HOME Business Idea with the emphasis on "HOME"

Want to find out more? Simply have a look at the link here below:


Or you can also have a look at the book here below:


How to become a Millionaire, read all about it.

Want to know more about how you can become a Millionaire? Just have a look at the video here below:

To visit his blog simply click the link here below:



Have you already seen 'Today's Quote of the Day' on HP's Happy Blogspot?

Today I saw a great Quote at my own site! at "Quote of the Day"...,

a Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

'Do not go where the Path may lead,
go Instead where there is no Path
and leave a trail'.

This is one of the many Inspiring Quotes you can find
on this Blog, you can also find all kinds of Inspiring
Quotes as 'Comments' at my Blogposts.


Happy Home Business V : 'Proto-typing'

Try It Out First

If you’re starting a home business. Before you go any further and start investing your time and cash it's a good idea to test things out on a small scale.

Here are some things you can do,

(to read more you can click on the 'Read More'-link here below the 'Ridiculous Income Goals' Banner.)

Ridiculous Incomes! Click Here to Watch the Video!

No matter weather you plan to sell physical things, or your starting a website build a prototype. A prototype is a small version of your product that you build quickly to prove your idea is feasible. Show your prototype to a few people to see what they think. If you get a good response then you know you have a winner.

If you are providing a product or service why not test it out on a few customers. Give them a free try or a big discount to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the customers are satisfied and happy with your product.

Currently my little eBook titled:
"A VISION for a Happy, Healthy & Rich LifeStyle"
is selling for the ridiculously low price of only $2,50
(You can find it at the left side on this blog)
So if you want to take advantage of this 'Beta testing',
here is your chance to get it while the price is
still at this low price. And it's also your chance
to give me your feedback and let me know what YOU think.

An other important step is to do some kind of survey to find out exactly what your customer thinks of your product or service. You could hand it to the customer, include it with your product, or call them up and say that you are just calling to make sure everything is went well.

You can also offer for example a FREE Report to make it even more attractive for your customer to participate in the survey....,

Talking about 'Survey' I also have - for example - a little survey where your can tell me what you think about the site 'HP's Happy Blogspot', you can take a look at this survey by just clicking on the tekst here below:

  • Your opinion is important, Just take a little Survey and get an interesting 'Happy Lifestyle' FREE Report Just CLICK HERE (on the tekst you are reading right now) to tell us what you think
    about HP's Happy Blogspot by Simply answering 5 Easy Questions, Thanks in advance.

  • So what ever you are planning remember it's a good idea to test it out on a small scale before you hit the big time. Trying it out gives you the opportunity to build confidence in yourself and your business without making big costly mistakes.

    As you might have read in 'Happy Home Business (part I)',

    (you can find it by clicking at the link here below: )

  • Happy Home Business I (a whole Series !!!)

  • 'Affiliate Marketing' is the ultimate Proto-Type-Business.

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    Your Name:
    Your Email:

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    Alicia Keys

    While sitting with the sun comming in through the window with my little Notebook computer writing, hitting the 'Key's' on my 'Keyboard' I saw a video clip with Alicia Keys behind the 'Key's', In the video clip I saw images of some sort of 'Clockwork' like 'Mechanics' wondering if I could make the 'Mechanics' of HP's Happy Blogspot work better by offering her CD's on this blog.

    So I wondered if my affiliate Amazon offers her albums and yes they do so here below you can find a few of her albums. (and I finally figured out how I can put them - as the Key's on a piano - side by side in column's)


    Why You Will enjoy the Ramblings on this Blog?

    Yes, well as you might have noticed from this 'Blog Name' it has to do with providing Inspiration for a Happy, Healthy & Rich LifeStyle.

    So below you will find a few links of examples that - in my view - can be considered Inspirational. (if you think differently or have interesting comments or can complement it feel free to do so.)

    First of all it goes without saying that I think that my little eBook can be Inspirational. You can find a FREE Preview at: http://www.lulu.com/hpvanduuren

    Than a special post that I consider very Inspiring is for example is this AMAZING YouTube VIDEO where you see Paul Pots, perform in a very unexpected way!! you can go there by clicking this link


    OOOPS..., LAST MINUTE INFORMATION: it seems that unfortunately this video isn't longer available for public viewing.

    Luckely I do have more amazing video's and made a little list of 'Amazing YouTube Video's' for you on this blog'. You can find them below the Blue 'Headings' you can find near the Top of this Blog.

    TARZAN, Great Music Great Performance!

    Yesterday I went to the Musical TARZAN with Music and Lyrics by Phill Collins.
    This performance was a lot different than any other theatrical production
    I have ever seen,

           'With an 'openings scene' that definitely is out of the ordinary...!!'

    (you can simply click the (fat) link 'CLICK HERE' here below to read more)

    It is Produced by the Dutch Production Company 'Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties' together with 'Disney Theatrical Productions' I went to the performance in a theatre named: 'Het FORTIS Circustheater' here in the Netherlands(Europe).

    In this theatre they have tremendious special facilities because in this performance of Tarzan they have the actors flying arround even above the crowds sitting in the audiance!

    The story probably is familiar, it's about a youngh English family that has been shipwrecked and gets lost in the Jungle. The parents don't survive the merciless Jungle, leaving their newborn baby allone in the Jungle. Although not entirely allone because he gets 'resqued' by Kala a female gorrilla that takes care of him. This way he survives and gets brought up by gorrillas.

    While constantly looking for his true identity, he is faced with a Dilemma when he has to choose between his gorrilla family where he was brought or accompany Jane and build upa life among people of his own kind?

                 'A wonderful theatrical performance by actors Chantal Janzen (Jane)
                 and originally Ron Link* (Tarzan), and the rest of the cast where all
                 unbelievably proffesional and it must have been a challenge to
                 also learn to be acrobats!'

    * (Last Minute Information: due to a little accident having
    a broken toe, the 'understudy' John Vooys replaced Ron Link during his recovery.)

    The decors and Light & Sound effects also where very impressive. For example there was a white cloth hanging from the top all the way down to lying on stage with moving lighteffects, giving it the illusion of a waterfall going over into a spring. It all looked somewhat magical.

    And also it goes without saying that the Music and Lyrics by Phill Collins are great and will bring back the memory to this wonderful performance every time I hear one of the songs from it on the radio.

    Sorry, that I cannot tell you anything about the very
    unusual special 'openings scene' you have to see for yourself!


    Happy Home Business IV : Business Plan or Business Model?

    Some posts ago you could read about 'Writing a Business Plan', recently I had a little conversation about making music and about the importance of being able to read notes.

    'This discussion made me go back in my memory....,'

    In the time I worked at a Big Record Company - as 'decoration' - I actually had a Platinum Record from the famous Pop Group ABBA, hanging on the wall beside my desk.

    (Because of their Huge World Wide Success,
    they got rewarded with so many Platina Records
    in so many countries that they probably couldn't
    care less than to collect this particular one
    from my small country. My country probably only
    represented only a small fraction of the
    enourmous sales they had with their records.)

    As I said it made me go back in my memory thinking back about interviews I saw, reminding me that the pianist of one of the most successful Pop Groups in the World declared that he couln't (or hardly) could read notes!!!!

    If I am not mistaken I heard him say (or it might have been an other muzician) that you can make good music without having to be able to read notes...,

    BUT that notes are an important TOOL
    to be able to Communicate with other Muzisians.

    I think that in a Similar way you may be able to do pretty well in Business, and at times it might even be better to work from a BUSINESS MODEL rather than from a BUSINESS PLAN. Because a Business Plan might be less flexible and might create a risk of 'Painting yourself Stuck'

    On the other hand I think that a Business Plan has a similar effect as 'Notes' to be able to communicate with 'Third Parties'. Just like the muzician in an orcestra.

    Hopefully this has given you a new perspective on how you can create Business Success?

    Talking about 'Busness Success'...,

    'Did you already see the video?'

    Ridiculous Incomes! Click Here to Watch the Video!


    Britney Spears, New Release

    A Few days ago I already mentioned the new upcoming release from Britney Spears....., O.K. here it is you can find it via the link here below:

    Release 30 OKTOBER!!!


    Happy Home Business III : Getting More Info

    Getting advice when you start a home business, it can be easy to get confused. Chances are you don't know anyone else that has started a home business so where do you go for help.

    First go online. The Internet is a great resource for people who have a home business. You can find articles and newsletters with information and advice. There are also many message boards, forums and blogs where you can read, ask questions and get advice from other home business owners.

    It goes without saying that you can always click at the Banner here below to have a look at this Fun VIDEO, to get inspired!!

    Ridiculous Incomes! Click Here to Watch the Video!

    (Click the link here below to continue reading this post...,)

    Go to your local library. Talk to the librarian. Libraries contain all sorts of home business books and resources. Your librarian should be more than happy to help you do research.

    Find a mentor. They are usually volunteers who have had great business success and will be glad to help start up new businesses. They often have years of experience and can be really helpful.

    The SBA. The Small Business Administration provides a multitude of material on starting your own business. Visit http://www.sba.gov

    Depending on where you live, you might find local government agencies that will give you free help and advice. Check your listings for small business center in your area.

    Your bank should have been the first place you went if you were thinking of starting a business. While they're no replacement for accountants, most banks will have a business advisor on staff to help you open a business account. They can be especially helpful with the technical and financial elements of starting your business.

    Lawyers know all about starting a new business. It can be well worth paying for an hour of a lawyer’s time and just asking them every question you can think of. Look around you may even be able to get a free consultation.

    Accountants also know all about business and can be less expensive alternative to lawyers. If you want your business to be profitable you should take the advice your accountant gives you and if you don't have one, you should get one.

    Look for investors. There are people who back businesses for a living. If you think your business would be attractive to investors then you can try going to an investor with your idea. If they like it, they will often have a quick process set up to get your company up and running as soon as possible.

    Visit your local universities. They are full of business students. They spend all their time learning about business, and many of them would just love to help get a real one off the ground. Business students can be a great source of free help and advice.

    Remember whatever industry you're thinking of entering probably has some kind of trade association, society or union. You should join as soon as you can, and take advantage of all the resources that offer to people getting started in their industry.

    There is an endless supply of help and advice out there.
    Just don't be afraid to ask!



    Snowball doesn't have to think he's the only Bird Dancing!

    O.K. in his defence, this other bird (a Penguin) is an animated character....,

    Some time ago I already posted about this DVD based on the 'Movie Trailers' I had seen, and obviously also because the title 'Happy Feet' did sound particular in alignment with HP's Happy Blogspot.

    Also the strong cast with big names like for example 'Robin Williams' and 'Nicole Kidman' who I thought wouldn't want to connect their names to a project that wasn't of high quality.

    Now recently I actually seen the picture myself and as expected it is a high quality movie. You can also get a glimps 'Back Stage' about how they made the characters 'Dance Moves' by using 'Motion Capture' techniques, it's facinating to see how many people are involved in such a big Movie Production.

    You can find out more about this movie in the link here below:


    Happy Dance

    Ever had that Great Feeling, that things are going your way and you just felt about doing
    a 'Happy Dance...?',

    To get you in that 'State', you simply have a look at the Cackatoo named 'Snowball'
    This Cackatoo is pretty Hilarious!!!

    (BTW have you already seen (scrolling up) The 'Word-of-Mouse'/'Tell a Friend' Snowball....?' :))

    'You can easily share this blogpost with others'.

    Tell a friend about this page!
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    Britney's seems to be Bouncing Back

    I don't exactly know about all the trouble she went through in her private life, nevertheless I discovered this little video on a Blog. There is an album
    about to be realased soon. As far as I understand it will be released October 30th.

    (To read about the Circus Tour in 2009 you can go to: Britney's Circus Tour)

    Happy Home Business II: How to Write a Business Plan

    Writing a Business Plan. You're ready to get your home business started in every way except one. You need money. Either in the form of a loan or from investors, but where do you start?

    It goes without saying that you FIRST could have a look at the Inspiring Video you can find at:

    Ridiculous Incomes! Click Here to Watch the Video!

    After watching the 'Inspiring Video' the one thing you will need before you can get capital for your business is a BUSINESS PLAN.

    What’s a Business Plan? A business plan is simply a list of answers to questions that people might have about your home business. You will not get outside funding without one, because the people giving you the funding want to know that you have thought your venture through completely. A business plan says: I've considered this from every angle, and I am ready to get going.

    Your business plan should include: a description of your service. Although it might not be the most perfect description you have ever read, you can read my description under the 'Welcome Sign' on this page. Just what is it that you plan to do? Tell them which industry you're going to be in, and why you've chosen it. (BTW because I aim for 'Completion' instead of Perfection, So if you have Comments, Tips or Ideas for me to Improve my Products or Services please give me your Feed Back so that I am able to help it Improve.)

    Who are your customers? Once you know what your business will do, the next thing you need to know is whom you are going to be doing it for.
    (For example I aim to reach people that are interested in 'Home Business' and are interested in living according to: 'A VISION for a Happy, Healthy & Rich LifeStyle'.)

    And because Music has to do a lot with how you FEEL, and how you it can make you Feel Happy, and also because I have a Background of working in the 'Music Business', I also write about Music on my blog. Even have some 'Music Business Inside Stories' on it. It might not be the most clearly defined 'Niche Market', that's why my blog has a 'Bazar Market' approach with content for a variety of people.

    What makes your business different? You need to explain what makes your business different from other businesses in your market. How do you plan to do to make the business succeed?

    List your expenses. Include start up expenses and any equipment that you need before you can get up and running. Also include your daily expenses such as staff costs and supplies.

    This has been a bief overview, if you want to have a other look at the Inspiring video I mentioned before, you can find it by CLICKING at the Banner here below:

    Ridiculous Incomes! Click Here to Watch the Video!

    If you want to help Inspire fellow Entrepreneurs, tell us about your own story and experiences.

    Or if you have other comments, or maybe Inspring ideas about how I can improve my products and services, I like to see your 'Feed Back'.

    P.S. You can 'Advertise' your Business by Signing my 'Guestbook' with
    your 'Signature-Link', you can find if you CLICK at the Banner here Below:

    (Click the link here below to continue reading this post...,)


    YOUR Opportunity to Tell about YOUR Business (Plan)

    As you might have read in the Welcome Message, your Comments are very appriciated.
    Your experiences can be very valuable for other web visitors. So here is your chance to tell everything you want about your Business or your Business Plan's.

    Your Ideas, Tips, Advise, Experiences etc. etc. it's an 'Open Podium'
    Feel Free to ADVERTISE your Business here for FREE!!!,
    because you can put your 'Signature Link' in if your like.

    HP's Happy Blogspot has DAILY VISITOR's So let them get to know YOUR Business.

    If you first want to get some INSPIRATION for BUSINESS IDEAS you can have a look at THE VIDEO about BUSINESS SUCCESS 'Case Studies' at the link here below:

    CLICK HERE for 'Rich Inspiration'

    Or else you might consider to simply have a look at the Hard Cover Book you see
    here below and descide of this is something you would like to buy.

    Happy Home Business I

    Why You Want to Start a Home Business?

    'Are You Ready For Your Own Business?'

    Working from home is a big dream for many. Below I have listed a few reasons why starting a home business is a great idea.

    (Click the link here below to continue reading this post...,)

    Your Great Idea Comes to Life. You have a great business idea. This is the number one reason that most people go into business from home. Remember the kind of ideas that are good for a home business are ones that can become real quickly, and start bringing in an income almost immediately You can do What You Love.

    Personally I think that "Affiliate Marketing" is an excellent solution. Affiliate Marketing that's what I do, With Affiliate Marketing you don't even have to immediately stop with your regular Job you can easily build it up beside your Day Job.

    Affiliate Marketing offers an excellent opportunity to build 'ON' your Business instead of working 'IN' your Business. (otherwise you would be at risk to just create an other Job.)

    I write about things I like to write about and once in a while I mention a product that's related to the subject I write about with a Banner-Link to one of the 'Affiliates' I work with. For example a "Webstore" of some kind. If people go to that Webstore and buy something I get a little commision for it.

    'Talking about commission, did you see the
    "Ridiculous Income Goals Banner" already?'

    (you might have noticed the great orange "BUSINESS SUCCESS" Moving 'Banner' I made for it that you can find - scrolling down - at the left side of this blog at the orange 'RICH Inspiration' Section.)

    Or else I have an other shaped banner here for you that you can click on.
    If you click on it you can have a look at a Hillarious Little VIDEO!

    Ridiculous Incomes! Click Here to Watch the Video!

    Feel Free to have a look and Enjoy!!! :)

    Most people have something that they really love to do. Getting paid for doing what you love is a dream come true.

    You get to be the boss. No more working your fingers to the bone for someone else. You will be the boss and you will reap the rewards.

    You want more time with your Family. No more missing out on weekends, family occasions or Holidays. You will be home for every special moment.

    These reasons alone are good enough to say

    "I am ready to start my own HOME BUSINESS".


    Just an other (AMAZING!!!) Inspiring Video.

    Really, I am not kidding, it's a Real AMAZING video!!!, you just have to look for yourself, You will not believe what you see.


    How to Make a Million.

    O.K. here is a little HAPPY NEWSFLASH!!!

    about how to make a Million Dollar with the help of a Coach you can see it all in the 'YouTube Movie' here below.

    You can have a look at the weblog to follow his proceedings, or else - at the link here below you can have a look at an interesting book that I found:


    ShortStory about ‘Writers Workspaces that Inspire’

    It wasn’t at all tidy in his office, it had come to a point that the workspace didn’t really seem workable and would affect productivity considerably. This was the point to ask his Assitant to hire an expert to deal with this problem. It soon became clear that his office needed a “make over”, it needed to become a Fun Place to Be and Inspirational, with enough storage place for books and magazines to consult reguarly.

    An 'Office/library' that did sound like a good idea.

    Eventually they came up with a special concept of the “Out-door-Home-Office”. With three desks, and a possibility to open the window in front of the desk in the middle to give it it’s “Out-door” apperance and the possibility to sit in the sun while writing.

    To be able to feel the warmth of the sun on his face and feel the cool breeze of the wind while writing must have a positive influence on inspiration. With a cordless keyboard and Mouse he can easily find a nice spot in the sun and still be able to look at the screen once in a while. Yes now an interesting workspace was beginning to take shape. Like Marshall McLuhan said: “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”. The door to success.

    It is obvious that with this 'Brilliant-Bestseller-Writers-Workspace' he had one of the typical tools of a Bestseller Writer in his hands. It goes without saying that a fishtank with tropical fish is also included in his writer’s domain. It can remind him of the fun times when he writes working onboard of his “Sea Office”, the office on his yacht. Reminding him of his “Floating on Royalties” methaphor.

    Talking about suitable workspaces he got an E-mail from his accountant who had
    some nice pictures of vihicles that provide a businesslike envirorment to work in. With space for a computer and a mini-bar and that can offer enough space and comfort to work while he travels. On board of a jet he would have enhough space to work and travel at the same time. But when he is on the road some more working space would be appropriate. Although with modern mobile electronics it is a lot easier to transform almost every space into a suitable workspace.

    You can hardly imagine that a writer would be able to afford such a luxurious lifestyle just by writing. But that is exactly the secret of his writing success, the lifestyle, how to act and a specific way of living. It is all part of his incredible success, to have a Happy, Healthy and Rich Lifestyle.

    You can find a ‘FREE Preview’ of this little ebook at the webstore by clicking on the link here below:


    The Healthy Lifestyle Inspired by a Personal Trainer to Kick-start his day by running (for example on a great Sunny beach) to start his day in a peak condition and gets him in a perfect state to create.

    You can Experience Such a "Jogging on the Beach Experience" for yourself right NOW if you like by going to:


    Just like the author of Harry Potter has done, by making a lot of notes about a specific – in her
    case - ‘Fantasie World’. With a lot of this kind of “Backstory” to be able to create multiple amazing stories.

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    Recently the Actors Camaron Diaz and Antonio Banderas - that do the voices of some of the characters in the Shrek Movie - where here in The Netherlands near where I live. (I live near the Dutch Broadcasting Stations.) They where here doing interviews to promote the new Shrek Movie. Other Great voices in the movie are done by Eddy Murphy (the most commercially successful African-American actor in the history of Motion Pictures.) he is doing 'the Donkey'. Mike Meyers is the voice behind Shrek himself and the King is done by John Cleese.

    in case you have missed the first two.....,


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    In the day's I worked full time at
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    J O Y ``S H O U T S, NEW on HP's Happy Blogspot!!!!

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    That’s how I made a discovery about how Behaviourismprobably under the influence of other Psychologists like for example Ivan P.Pavlov, that studied things like ‘Classical Conditioning’ - might have been more interested (- or paid for - by Industrial Companies?) to influence people and to be able to manipulate people into doing things than to do his ‘REAL JOB’ to study counsioussness.

    This might have been the real reason Psychologist John B. Watson excluded the study of inner experiences or feelings from his research. Leaving a highly questionable Legacy that had a bad influence on the development of human consiousness!!!

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    Hello, Houston we have a 'Big One'

    Just a few minutes ago I read an article and learned that Beyoncé Knowles was born in Houston Texas, and that she and her group was discovered by nowbody less than Whitney Houston. So that seems to be an original 'angle' to be writing about.

    Last year I did see Whitney in an interview, and she seemed to have her twinkle in her eyes back and she smiled again. That was a big relief, because I was worried about her health being seriously in danger. I think that she is finding her balance back and even heared that there a CD on it's way. I am very curious about it.

    Till that time I just like to put the attention on a CD of an other 'Houston' and althoug I don't think that her health is in danger, in fact she looks very healthy, she's only just 'Dangerously' in love.

    And if you happen to feel endangered by it you can alway's dial 911 on one of the phones here below:


    HP's Happy Blogspot on NR 1

    When I searched on the search engine 'HP's Happy Blogspot' appeared in the 1-10 range of Yahoo' s search from 13.000 matches for 'Jogging on Gran Canaria' HP's Happy Blogspot appeared on nr. 1 !

    Although I am not exactly sure if this means something, nevertheless It does feel like having an 'Autority Site' (atleast if it is concerned 'Jogging on Gran Canaria' :))


    To watch it FULL SCREEN

    If you want to see it 'Full Screen' you can go to:
    and click on the 'enlarge-button' at the bottom on the right.)


    Jogging on Gran Canaria

    As you might have read (in the 'Happy Islands' post) I have been on Gran Canaria somewhere arround Easter. There I made a 'Visual Rapportage' about 'Jogging on the Beach'.

    It's an Impression of 'Early Bird' Morning Jogging, with impressive mysterious (selfmade) Music with 'Early Bird' Sound Effects. (I might have been inspired by the Birds during my visit to 'Palmitos Park ni Maspalomas.)

    You can see it here below on 'YouTube':

    P.S. have you read my 'Happy Vibe' Column 'SUCCESS WAVES' already?

    # CLICK HERE to view HP's most recent
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    With the help of 'Jokes Gallery' I now have besides my other 'DAILY ITEMS'

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    You can find it on the left side of this blog, near my other 'Daily Items'

    Feel free to let me know if you like it, (or if you yourself have some short and interesting joke your also welcome to post your comment.)

    If your interested in a comprehensive article about "The Smile" you might want to
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    In my previous post I wrote about "Finding" things on the Internet, and also about Finding Music Lyrics. So as a service to my visitors I searched for some interesting Lyrics sites where you can find Music Lyrics. To name a few:


    And Last but not least...,


    On this last one they also have a great (Video) Singing Contest. There I found a Great Video of "MIA" singing the song "Unwritten"

    She is - I don't know how to say it right - not exactly an ugly witch! and she can sing! You can see and hear for yourself at 'YouTube' if you search for "Mia Unwritten". Or you can

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    O.K. and if you want to listen to it performed by Natasha Bedingfield, you can find it on the link below.


    Myspace, youtube, finding music lyrics etc. etc.

    Searching for things on the Internet everybody is searching for myspace, google, ebay, yahoo, paris hilton, youtube or looking for music lyrics. Luckely people are now starting to find my Blogspot. One of my Happy Vibe Columns is about "Success Waves" and looking at my top amount of visitors from a few months ago compared with the top amount from recently show a more than 100% increase! So people are starting to find my blog. Share your comments or let me know what your would like to find on my blog, if you have interesting ideas or if you want to "Guest Star" as a "Guest Writer" feel free to contact my at my yahoo email you can find on this site.


    Happy Vibe Music

    Yesterday on Dutch Television I saw the International Popstar Lionel Richie in an Interview say that you have to be 'Child like' to be 'In this Business', something that’s in alignment with my “Happy Vibe” Column, realising that the business he's refering to is an 'International Business', remembering having seen him once perform on a 'World Wide' tv-broadcast during the Olympic Games.

    Realising that things like International Stardom and the Internet are both all World Wide phenomenon
    "All around the World". As you can see in the YouTube video from Lionel Richie & Bob Sinclair in the link below:


    I remember about how years ago collegues of mine - during the time I worked at one of the major record companies - had once made a video interview where Lionel Richie 'personally' gave his thanks to all the people that helped to promote his music campaign and - on a smal scale, (not Inter-national but National) I was also involved with helping to promote his work, meaning I happened to be one of them. So as a ‘Thank You’ back I thought it might be a nice idea to focus the attention on a specific CD of Lionel with the song on it that I saw him perform on tv yesterday it's called: “Dancing on the Ceiling”. (Although I must say that he does already seem to have 'a few' other people - All around the World - that help him to promote his work also :))


    Happy Islands, Canary Islands

    In a short time I will be on One of the Canary Islands. In the 1st century A.D. Pomponius Mela refered to the Canary Islands as "The Fortunate Islands", 'Where the inhabitants live quietly happier than the people living in any other land'. You will find 'Live' reports from Internet Cafees on the Island on the 'Dutch language Travel Blog'. Although from now on it will be written in the English Language. The url is:




    Some time ago on an other blog I saw a story about the importance of a SMILE, and if I understand it correct there even is scientiffic proof that it has a positive influence on your health! There are several songs about smiling and one of them is from 'Shanice' titled:

    "I Love your Smile"

    Here below you can have a look at the Video Clip of the Song:

    Click here to watch Full Sceen

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    You are also welcome to leave a comment with titles of your most 'Energising' Music what kind of Music, what titles gives your the most Exiting Energy Rush?

    P.S. it goes without saying that you can also use an MP3 player very well for Relaxing with relaxing music or even with guided meditation.

    You can Post your Feed Back by clicking the "Comments" link.


    Download your favorite DVD's!!!

    Amazon has a new service you can find out all about it in the link below.


    'Happy Feet' on DVD

    Although I haven't yet seen this Movie myself yet, I did see some "Trailers". It seems to be a Fun movie.....,

    It just seems to scream to be on my Happy Blogspot. It's an animated movie with voices by various famous actors like for example: Nicole Kidman, Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy and Hugh Jackman.

    It's all about the Motto: "Dare to be Different"


    An Important 'Ingredient' for a Happy, Healthy & Rich Life

    An important 'Ingredient' for a Happy, Healthy & Rich Life seems to be to have a High "Energy Level", being energetic.

    A few things that seem to have a positive influence on my Engergy Level are:

    * Sports, like for example Tennis.
    * Listening to Great Energising Music.

    That's why on this Blog you frequently will find posts about Music with a
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    Please Feel Free to add your own list of "Energy Level"-Boosters, by placing a comment.


    My New 'Happy Vibe' Column has been Syndicated

    My new Column titled: "SUCCESS WAVES" has been Syndicated.

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    Happy Flowers and Gifts

    Every now and than you have an occasion to send Gifts to some one special. (As you can also see at my "Christmas Blog Post" about the Amazon Gift certificates)
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    "Valentine ...., euh..., Valentine..., something....., Oh yeah...,"

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    In case anybody is wondering where my new "Happy Vibe" Column is? I recently discovered a very eye-opening Book that I want to share.

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