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To take a Headstart on your Happy New Years Resolutions!

O.K. if you have looked around on this Blog a little, you probably might have noticed that I already took
some time to think about things concerning "A Happy, Healthy & Rich LifeStyle",

"So, How about it?"

"Don't you think that might actually be an interesting idea for 2 0 0 7 ???"

Well...., Today you can take a first step right now, by looking at the FREE Preview of this e-Book
you can easily download it via the 'link' here on the left under the Book Cover Picture. There you will get to an other webpage where you will find the same Book Cover as here on the left, There just click on the Book Cover, and than click on a little Blue Logo to download your Free (PDF) Preview.


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Happy Inspirational Quotes

During Christmas time most people contemplate about past year and about the up comming year. With this in the back of my mind I can say that you can find all kinds of interesting "Inspirational Quotes" at the bottom of a lot of my blog postings.

Feel free to add your own thoughts or quotations. And it goes without saying that I like to wish everybody a special kind of Christmas....., euh..., what kind of Christmas? ....., well..., let me think.., well..., what about a H A P P Y Christmas! :)

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Almost there..., Make Somebody Happy with a Gift.

Want to make somebody Happy with a nice gift and have difficutly to decide what to get? My Affiliate Amazon.com has special Gift Certificates that you can use for a whole variety of books, cd's and More! So how about sending a Gift Certificate, you can even send them by e-mail via an e-card!


It just Might Happen!!!

People that read my (e)Book "A VISION for a HAPPY, HEALTHY & RICH LifeStyle"
are "at risk" of becoming Wealthy and Abundant. So just in case you have
read my book and accidently became extremely wealthy without knowing what to
spend your money on....,
Just have a look at: the website of "The Millionairefair" and find out what you can 
expect conserning possible LifeStyle Changes.  

If you are interested in boosting your Personal Power than Anthony Robbins Book gives some insights in how to tap into your own "Unlimited Power".


Finally it's Starting to Happen ! ! !

WELCOME Visitors!!!

Sometime ago I had some doubts about getting visitors to this weblog. Keeping the Faith seems to pay off. Sometime ago there where days that I didn't even got "One" visitor to this Blog! That felt very dissapointing.

Than I came up with the idea of my Syndicated Column "HP's Happy Vibe". Now it's Syndicated on countless websites, with my resourcebox and a link, directing them to this weblog. Also I receive a lot of visitors from Forums I have posted on. Now luckely there isn't a day without visitors for a considerable time now", and:

"I now begin to have a constant stream of Daily Visitors!"

Nevertheless I am very thankful that you have taken the time to visit my Blog because of you It's Going, Flowing and Growing...., Thanks for contributing to this growth! Feel free to "forward" the link of "Hpshappy.blogspot.com" to your friends, and recomment them to Bookmark it as "Personal Favorite" Thanks for this Christmas Gift!

Talking about Christmas..., It goes without saying that Mariah Carey - also known for her hit song "Make it Happen" - has a CD with the finest Christmast Songs.

P.S.(If you want to orientate for other Christmast gifts, a few Posts up you can find "Gift Certificates" )


My Column for December has been Syndicated.

I did it again I finished a new Column...,

This time it's about Feeling Successful.

(you can find it via the link, under the Hillariously Looking Flamengo Photo.)

Or else...,

Click here to view HP's most recent Syndicated COLUMN: "HP's Happy Vibe"

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