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'Happy Feet' on DVD

Although I haven't yet seen this Movie myself yet, I did see some "Trailers". It seems to be a Fun movie.....,

It just seems to scream to be on my Happy Blogspot. It's an animated movie with voices by various famous actors like for example: Nicole Kidman, Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy and Hugh Jackman.

It's all about the Motto: "Dare to be Different"


An Important 'Ingredient' for a Happy, Healthy & Rich Life

An important 'Ingredient' for a Happy, Healthy & Rich Life seems to be to have a High "Energy Level", being energetic.

A few things that seem to have a positive influence on my Engergy Level are:

* Sports, like for example Tennis.
* Listening to Great Energising Music.

That's why on this Blog you frequently will find posts about Music with a
link to a specific CD's of DVD's.

Please Feel Free to add your own list of "Energy Level"-Boosters, by placing a comment.


My New 'Happy Vibe' Column has been Syndicated

My new Column titled: "SUCCESS WAVES" has been Syndicated.

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Other Reasons to Bookmark this Inspirational Blogspot.

'And to achieve that Every Single Day your will have the opportunity to enjoy your stay at this Blog....,'

..., That it captures your attention so that it becomes a real Inspirational Journey for you I will tell you some more about what you can find on this site:

"On 'The Happiness Blog' you will find all kinds of Interesting Ideas, stories and articles about Music & 'Happy LifeStyle' and information about products you can buy.

* You can Translate this Blog in several languages with the "Babel Fish Translator".

* You can also discover my Amazing eBook, and how you can find a FREE Preview of it.
* Also some info about a FREE Report you can get!

* Every Day there is a New Motivational "Thought for the Day..." and a New Fresh "Today's Birthday"

Not to forget the links to all of my "Happy Vibe" Colums!

To really get you Inspired to provide you with a "Head start" - for your own postings you can give as 'Feed Back' -

"you can find Inspirational Quotes from facinating famous- and historical figures under most of the posts!".

Feel free to share your own thoughts and insights.

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Happy Flowers and Gifts

Every now and than you have an occasion to send Gifts to some one special. (As you can also see at my "Christmas Blog Post" about the Amazon Gift certificates)
O.K. 14 February is Valentines Day, 'you do the Math' :) You can find some aditional ideas at:http://sendflowersonline.com or at: http://www.surprise.com

"Valentine ...., euh..., Valentine..., something....., Oh yeah...,"

H A P P Y Valentine!



Is my Happy Vibe 'Monthly' Column late on purpose?

In case anybody is wondering where my new "Happy Vibe" Column is? I recently discovered a very eye-opening Book that I want to share.

"A book that's totally in line with the Happy Vibe."

Although at first you might think that it makes no sense, that success can only be achieved with Hard Work. Than Think again! and first read this book.
Why does somebody has to 'work hard' and somebody else 'buys and sells' a few hotel chains with a few telephone calls and a handshake?

And find that I suddenly made my "HP's Happy Vibe" Syndicated Column more exclusive!

Find it all out with reading this magnificent book (and it goes without saying that also my own book isn't bad either!)

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