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This is an Interesting 'Happy Interview' to listen to

Recently I listened to an interesting Interview with writer Marci Shimoff
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Happy Internet Meetings

Today, people need to share ideas and information more than ever.  
We live in an ever shrinking world. Business associates,
family and friends may be located anywhere, even worldwide.
Our need to stay connected grows daily. We may need to talk,
share pictures and programs,  work together, and collaborate
on projects.

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The internet has brought the world closer than ever before.
The internet has taken the ability to share information to
a new level with brand new abilities to work and communicate
worldwide. Internet meetings are also known as virtual meetings.
They are web based and accessible to anyone with internet access.  
Unlike email – internet meetings are real time. They allow
you to get immediate feedback and communicate
your ideas faster.

With an internet meeting, you can exchange all sorts of
information. Internet meetings have many different features
depending on the software and service provider used.  Many
features possible include text chatting, voice communication
(Voip), video, a common whiteboard to share ideas, the ability
to work on documents together such as Microsoft Word, Excel
or PowerPoint. Web meetings also provide the ability to
share programs running on your PC and let the internet
meeting attendees view your desktop.

With these capabilities, the options of internet meetings
to help us keep connected are endless. Perhaps a family
will stay in touch with children at school with
internet meetings. They may talk and share pictures
via the internet.

Small business owners also benefit from internet meetings.
A small business can present a very large and professional
corporate image via internet meetings. Internet meetings
for the small business user are a cost effective way to grow
the business. Whether the meeting is a sales presentation
or in-house training, the internet meeting can save time
and money for the business user.

Business and enterprise users have the ability to now have
global virtual offices. It is easy and cost effective
to invite clients from Europe, Africa, and all over
the world to join in a virtual meeting. Working with
contractors and clients all over the world has
never been easier.

Many internet meetings are hosted by internet service providers.
For a flat rate subscription fee, you can log in via the
web and set up a virtual meeting. Once you have scheduled
the meeting, your meeting attendees can log in via the
web at no additional cost. Internet meetings make you
more productive. They can reduce your travel costs and
increase your productivity using the internet and
a web browser.

Internet meetings are a way to meet with one person,
ten people or a thousand people virtually. You can collaborate
and work without the time and expense of travel or locating
physical conference rooms.

Whether you want to talk to people across town, across the
country, or across the world, internet meetings are a great,
cost-effective way to do it.

If you want to organise your own Internet Meeting,
you can go to the link here below:

HP's Happy CHAT Blogspot

and find out all about it.

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