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Successful Writing

Ever thought about earning a lot of money by becomming a BESTSELLER WRITER?

If so this article might be something for you!

(You can read the whole article by clicking on 'Read More' here below.)

Currently I work in Sales and also devote some of my time working as a Publicist, using writing to design "Dramatically Interesting Sales Pitches" using the same techniques that BEST-Seller Writers use to let you ask the magic question:

"Oh gosh..., WHAT COMES NEXT?"

(You did click the 'Read More'- Button didn't you?)

Oeps...., now you already know the secret of my writing success :)

Part of success is also hidden in the way of looking at things: Once I had a friendly rejection from the "NEW YORKER": "We're sorry to say that this manuscript is not right for us, in spite of its evident merit......," Wow! "Evident Merit" according to the editors of the New Yorker! Than one day my name appeared in a known glossy magazine called "MAXIM"! (I was named as one of the prize winners.) Had my prize winning (humoristic) "True Story" published in an other glossy magazine - also one with a large circulation - called "FHM". I finally could proudly say: "I write for magazines"

Today I am also involved in Publishing On Demand, the big advantage of "POD" is that you can let "The Customer" decide if they want to buy a "real book" printed on paper, or a less expensive eBook made in to a PDF-Format. I recently published an e-Book it also is an interesting read for writers, or for other people that want to become inspired to create "a Happy, Healthy & Rich LifeStyle". You can find this eBook at the left side of this site.

Thank you for your interest in reading this article. I really hope you enjoyed my Writer's Success Story, and also hope you do appreciate this article because if you are reading this it must have given you a new perspective on how to develop new ideas, that give you your own answers to the question:


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You can find Great Info, Tips, Tools and Resources for building proffessional eBooks at:



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Logic is Over Rated

A Quote from Albert Einstein I like is: "Imagination is More Important than Knowledge", (BTW you can find an other interesting quote from Einstein on the leftside of this blog, if you scroll down.)

'A lot of Internet Millionaires really thrive on Passion', sometimes created their business as a student in a basement, than created explosive exponentional growth that wouldn't have occured when looked at it logically. Usually in Business it would be logical to aim for an annual growth of 3 or perhaps 6 % and not an explosive growth like for example 500% or more! Logic would only have been in your way, because based on 'Normal Business Knowledge' it would have been madness to believe such things possible. Lucky for them they wheren't 'Reasonable' or 'Logical' but Passionate and Imaginative.


Is it really Possible to earn a lot of Money Online?

Although I already am a Successful Salesman 'Off-Line', For me it all begun with the question: "Is it also possible to create Success 'Online'?", in other words: "Is it really possible to earn some Money Online?", (Luckely I discoverd that the answer is 'YES!!!') You can read all about it in the FREE Preview of my eBook (See Book Cover here on the Left side of this weblog.)

After creating a weblog to tell people all about this eBook - and after discovering the possibilities to better serve my web visitors, potential customers, or the ones that already bought my eBook - I discovered the possibility to also do some 'Affiliate Marketing' aswell by telling my web visitors about all kinds of great and facinating products they can actually buy from those Affiliates!

Now to be able to compliment my 'Off-Line' Sales Success and Investments with a considerable amount of extra 'Online' revenues I started to ask a New Question: "Is it possible to earn a lot of Money Online?"

Well if you look at people like for example 'Tom Cruise' (doing a $67 Million a year!) and a lot of other examples in all kinds of Businesses From 'Donald Trump', 'Bill Gates' to 'Richard Brandson' and others, you can't denie that it actually is possible to create a lot of Money! On the journey to find an answer to this kind of questions, I discovered an amazing product titled: "Ridiculous Income Goals" that tells all about the principles to earn even 'More' than 'a Lot' of Money 'Online!'(even beyond your regular 'Rich LifeStyle!!!')

You can find out all about it, In the eBook
written by Rob Toth by Clicking on the Banner here Below:

Ridiculous Incomes! Click Here to Watch the Video!

It's also possible to listen to a 'Radio Interview' with the Writer of 'Ridiculous Income Goals' him self!
You can find it at the link here below:

Interview with the Author Rob Toth


Shrek III is Comming

Recently the Actors Camaron Diaz and Antonio Banderas - that do the voices of some of the characters in the Shrek Movie - where here in The Netherlands near where I live. (I live near the Dutch Broadcasting Stations.) They where here doing interviews to promote the new Shrek Movie. Other Great voices in the movie are done by Eddy Murphy (the most commercially successful African-American actor in the history of Motion Pictures.) he is doing 'the Donkey'. Mike Meyers is the voice behind Shrek himself and the King is done by John Cleese.

in case you have missed the first two.....,


Happy to Be Neatly Organized

'What kind of space does apeal
more to you, or makes you feel
more Happy????'

A messed up kitchen full of clutter
with bad smelling dishes in the sink?
Or a fully cleaned up kitchen
neathly organised with a fresh smell
and a sink so clean that it shines?

'Probably the last one
don't you think?'

In the day's I worked full time at
one of the major Enteraintment Companies,

I noticed myself being pretty well organised
and neat in my work, and pretty careless at home.
Nowaday's also my own office space usually
is somewhat more neatly organised than
the rest of my home.

Nevertheless you probably get the point,
being organised and neat can add
to being more productive and feeling
more Happy about your surrounding spaces.

An interesting website about
organising your home is:


An other website that's als about organising your home,
and also tells about things like organising work
and your office space can be found at: