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J O Y ``S H O U T S, NEW on HP's Happy Blogspot!!!!

At the leftside of this blog, under the 'List of Content'('On this Blog') and above the 'Relaxed' Flamengo. You can find a 'JOY-SHOUT-BOX' 'A What..?' Well you can now find out all about it and see for yourself.


Variety on HP's Happy Blogspot Appriciated

If you scroll down a little, at the left side you can find a link to a survey with
4 little questions about this blog.

My first impression about the results and about what people think about 'HP's Happy Blogspot' is that the Variety you can find here on 'HP's Happy Blogspot' is appriciated. One of the respondents named it a "Bazar Like Quality"

Please let me know what you think, and get an Amazing Free Report!


Consioussness & Human Development

'Reading my blog you will notice
articles concerning Spirituality and
developing Consiousness'.

Recently I read about some Research showing that not everybody likes
their jobs.

This might explain Popular eBook titles like “Lay of your Boss”
or “Day Job Killer”. Personally I do not dislike my job because I am good
at it and in my ‘Day Job’ I don’t work ‘from 9–5’, if it was I probably
wouldn’t like it.

That’s how I made a discovery about how Behaviourismprobably under the influence of other Psychologists like for example Ivan P.Pavlov, that studied things like ‘Classical Conditioning’ - might have been more interested (- or paid for - by Industrial Companies?) to influence people and to be able to manipulate people into doing things than to do his ‘REAL JOB’ to study counsioussness.

This might have been the real reason Psychologist John B. Watson excluded the study of inner experiences or feelings from his research. Leaving a highly questionable Legacy that had a bad influence on the development of human consiousness!!!

Are ‘Leaner and Meaner’ company policies a sign of progress?
or just a lack of consiousness? and a sign of a badly influenced,
conditioned and degenerated race?

Please let me know your reply.


Hello, Houston we have a 'Big One'

Just a few minutes ago I read an article and learned that Beyoncé Knowles was born in Houston Texas, and that she and her group was discovered by nowbody less than Whitney Houston. So that seems to be an original 'angle' to be writing about.

Last year I did see Whitney in an interview, and she seemed to have her twinkle in her eyes back and she smiled again. That was a big relief, because I was worried about her health being seriously in danger. I think that she is finding her balance back and even heared that there a CD on it's way. I am very curious about it.

Till that time I just like to put the attention on a CD of an other 'Houston' and althoug I don't think that her health is in danger, in fact she looks very healthy, she's only just 'Dangerously' in love.

And if you happen to feel endangered by it you can alway's dial 911 on one of the phones here below:


HP's Happy Blogspot on NR 1

When I searched on the search engine 'HP's Happy Blogspot' appeared in the 1-10 range of Yahoo' s search from 13.000 matches for 'Jogging on Gran Canaria' HP's Happy Blogspot appeared on nr. 1 !

Although I am not exactly sure if this means something, nevertheless It does feel like having an 'Autority Site' (atleast if it is concerned 'Jogging on Gran Canaria' :))


To watch it FULL SCREEN

If you want to see it 'Full Screen' you can go to:
and click on the 'enlarge-button' at the bottom on the right.)


Jogging on Gran Canaria

As you might have read (in the 'Happy Islands' post) I have been on Gran Canaria somewhere arround Easter. There I made a 'Visual Rapportage' about 'Jogging on the Beach'.

It's an Impression of 'Early Bird' Morning Jogging, with impressive mysterious (selfmade) Music with 'Early Bird' Sound Effects. (I might have been inspired by the Birds during my visit to 'Palmitos Park ni Maspalomas.)

You can see it here below on 'YouTube':

P.S. have you read my 'Happy Vibe' Column 'SUCCESS WAVES' already?

# CLICK HERE to view HP's most recent
Syndicated COLUMN

If you became inspired to go jogging yourself than you might consider to have a look at the fine shoes here below. Or CLICK HERE to view "HP's Happy Jogging Shoes Shop" where you can find a lot of other Jogging Shoes.



'To let everybody wonder why you always walk
with a smile on your face all of a sudden
since you visited HP's Happy Blogspot'

That's EXACTLY what I was looking for!

With the help of 'Jokes Gallery' I now have besides my other 'DAILY ITEMS'

'Joke of the Day!'

You can find it on the left side of this blog, near my other 'Daily Items'

Feel free to let me know if you like it, (or if you yourself have some short and interesting joke your also welcome to post your comment.)

If your interested in a comprehensive article about "The Smile" you might want to
take a look at the link here below.


Please let me know your Happy Suggestions.

Being a very creative person, sometimes it's difficult for me to focus and be consiouss about how I can best serve my web visitors and give what they want. So in an attempt to get a better fix on what kind of Experience I could offer to my web visitors. What kind of Experiences YOU visiting my blog would appriciate, I came up with a few things that I might consider to aim for.

1) To let everybody wonder why you always walk with a smile on your face all of a sudden since you visited HP's Happy Blogspot.

2) To let everybody notice how good and energetic you look all of a sudden since you visited HP's Happy Blogspot.

3) To let everybody wonder why you became a 'Financial Wizzard' all of a sudden since you visited HP's Happy Blogspot.

Please let me know your suggestions, or if you have a great website etc. etc.
let my visitors know about your link.