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Some time ago on an other blog I saw a story about the importance of a SMILE, and if I understand it correct there even is scientiffic proof that it has a positive influence on your health! There are several songs about smiling and one of them is from 'Shanice' titled:

"I Love your Smile"

Here below you can have a look at the Video Clip of the Song:

Click here to watch Full Sceen

It's a (Sha)nice song and you can also find it on the CD you see here below.


ron said...

Hey HP,

Just wanted to stop by for a look at YOUR blog. You visited mine yesterday (Foot Notes).

How cool is this that, that you promote all things that are HAPPY!
It's truely what the world NEEDS too.

I left you a comment on my blog assuming that you were also a reflexologist...and I was wrong. Just goes to show....don't assume.
I did notice your promotion of the movie "Happy Feet". I need to rent that. I hear it's great (for adults and well as children).

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi. I'll be back to check out what other Happy things you recommend in the future. Good Job!

Be Well,

Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D. said...

Hi HP,
I think smiles are contagious like attitudes. Even when you answer the phone with a smile people can "hear" it.

Ted Demopoulos said...

Yes, smiles are contagious.

Smile, even if you don't feel like it, and the person you smile at may smile back. And then, you WILL feel like smiling.