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Happy Vibe Music

Yesterday on Dutch Television I saw the International Popstar Lionel Richie in an Interview say that you have to be 'Child like' to be 'In this Business', something that’s in alignment with my “Happy Vibe” Column, realising that the business he's refering to is an 'International Business', remembering having seen him once perform on a 'World Wide' tv-broadcast during the Olympic Games.

Realising that things like International Stardom and the Internet are both all World Wide phenomenon
"All around the World". As you can see in the YouTube video from Lionel Richie & Bob Sinclair in the link below:


I remember about how years ago collegues of mine - during the time I worked at one of the major record companies - had once made a video interview where Lionel Richie 'personally' gave his thanks to all the people that helped to promote his music campaign and - on a smal scale, (not Inter-national but National) I was also involved with helping to promote his work, meaning I happened to be one of them. So as a ‘Thank You’ back I thought it might be a nice idea to focus the attention on a specific CD of Lionel with the song on it that I saw him perform on tv yesterday it's called: “Dancing on the Ceiling”. (Although I must say that he does already seem to have 'a few' other people - All around the World - that help him to promote his work also :))

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Anonymous said...

Talking about "Dancing on the Ceiling", as you probably know popstars have - sometimes somewhat weird - request about what they want to have in their dressingrooms. For example if I am not mistaken George Benson likes to have "Black Towels" and some want special drinks, or some want M&M's with only the green ones removed etc. etc. They can have all kinds of special requests in their 'Raiders' I once heared a story about some pop stars that where somewhat angry that they hadn't read their 'Raider' properly so they glued furnuture on the ceiling!