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Snowball doesn't have to think he's the only Bird Dancing!

O.K. in his defence, this other bird (a Penguin) is an animated character....,

Some time ago I already posted about this DVD based on the 'Movie Trailers' I had seen, and obviously also because the title 'Happy Feet' did sound particular in alignment with HP's Happy Blogspot.

Also the strong cast with big names like for example 'Robin Williams' and 'Nicole Kidman' who I thought wouldn't want to connect their names to a project that wasn't of high quality.

Now recently I actually seen the picture myself and as expected it is a high quality movie. You can also get a glimps 'Back Stage' about how they made the characters 'Dance Moves' by using 'Motion Capture' techniques, it's facinating to see how many people are involved in such a big Movie Production.

You can find out more about this movie in the link here below:

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