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HP's Happy Vibe
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HP van Duuren

I discovered that there is one simple principle in life, a principle everybody knows, a principle every child in the world lives by automatically. (Remember a child usually laughs a considerable lot more times than an adult on a daily basis.) It’s about a principle people sometimes seem to forget….., That it’s all about focussing on what you CHOOSE to FEEL, than you can feel “The VIBE” the HAPPY VIBE.


I wanted and idea for a Column that people would love to read, I wanted them to love every single one of them. Something that people find useful and interesting enough to read, something of value something that could be used as reminder, because it seems to me that people sometimes seem to forget this simple principle. Instead of focussing on how they want to feel they focus on the wrong things such as for example the exact opposite. They than focus on what they don’t want.

Ever guessed what you get when you focus on what you don’t want? Seriously.., think about it, what do you get? The answer….? Exactly than you get wat you don’t want. Want proof? O.K. don’t think about a Big Purple/white dotted elephant! Be honest didn’t you just saw in your minds eye a ridiculously looking elephant? “See what I mean?”

Yeah, really it always works…., For example I wanted to FEEL that there was a way that I could generate a constant flow of ideas for an interesting Column. Some principle that would make it easy to keep a constant stream of ideas growing and flowing. Than like a genie out of the bottle there came the idea of “Happy Vibe”.

I publish my “Happy Vibe” frequently on my “Happiness Blog” and if you want to use this Column in your own Publication(s), for your Newsletter, your Website or E-zine you can Syndicate it and automatically let it update whenever I publish a new “Happiness Vibe”.

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So Re-member the name of this Column it’s called HP’s Happy Vibe I hope you find my columns useful and interesting enough to read them frequently. So Re-member to read them often and FEEL the HAPPY VIBES frequently! (and don't forget to bookmark my site where you can find a lot of Fun and Inspiration every single day!)

About the Author: HP van Duuren is a successful salesman and writer. He is the Author of the International 'Hit': "A VISION for a HAPPY, HEALTHY & RICH LifeStyle" A short and Kick-start stimulating Self-help - and Personal Growth book based on his experience as a Creative Sales Support Employee at PolyGram, one of the biggest Entertainment Companies in the World today better known as: UNIVERSAL. HP van Duuren may be contacted at http://www.lulu.com/hpvanduuren. Click here to view more articles by HP van Duuren.

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