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Sometimes people seem to have a pessimistic out-look on life. It goes without saying that you can always find things to worry about or complain about, if you focus your attention on negative things. But why would you? Today we live in the most exiting time to be alive! There are so much opportunities to create a fantastic Happy, Healthy and Yes even Rich Life. Was it better back in the old day’s? If you look long enough you might find examples that might appear that way. But would you be pleased if you would have to spend ours of your time with a scrubboard to do the laundry instead of putting it in the washing machine? Don’t think so! Really we live in a very exiting time. Read all about it on The Happiness Blog!

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you also can read my Column: "HP's Happy Vibe" on this Blog. With this Column I am a "Mini-Mulitinational" Syndicating this VISION to a World Wide Audiance. I can also provide you with a FREE eBook, and a FREE Preview of my own eBook with the same title as mentioned above.

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