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Happy to Be Neatly Organized

'What kind of space does apeal
more to you, or makes you feel
more Happy????'

A messed up kitchen full of clutter
with bad smelling dishes in the sink?
Or a fully cleaned up kitchen
neathly organised with a fresh smell
and a sink so clean that it shines?

'Probably the last one
don't you think?'

In the day's I worked full time at
one of the major Enteraintment Companies,

I noticed myself being pretty well organised
and neat in my work, and pretty careless at home.
Nowaday's also my own office space usually
is somewhat more neatly organised than
the rest of my home.

Nevertheless you probably get the point,
being organised and neat can add
to being more productive and feeling
more Happy about your surrounding spaces.

An interesting website about
organising your home is:


An other website that's als about organising your home,
and also tells about things like organising work
and your office space can be found at:



Sara said...

I often say, that organizing an area of your home is just about as good as psycho-therapy. I've been a therapist and had therapy, so I'm not just making that up! Even cleaning one drawer or a shelf can start a wonderful change process. When I'm stuck in any way, I look for a messy area to clean up. It never fails to help.


HP said...

Some time ago I found an interesting site that shows an interesting new light on the nature of 'Organised-ness'

it creates a new look at what being organised actually is, and shows that somebody like for example Albert Einstein - while having a messy looking desk - still can be considerred highly organised!

You can find it at: http://www.orgnizedr.com

Feel free to give me your comments.