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TARZAN, Great Music Great Performance!

Yesterday I went to the Musical TARZAN with Music and Lyrics by Phill Collins.
This performance was a lot different than any other theatrical production
I have ever seen,

       'With an 'openings scene' that definitely is out of the ordinary...!!'

(you can simply click the (fat) link 'CLICK HERE' here below to read more)

It is Produced by the Dutch Production Company 'Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties' together with 'Disney Theatrical Productions' I went to the performance in a theatre named: 'Het FORTIS Circustheater' here in the Netherlands(Europe).

In this theatre they have tremendious special facilities because in this performance of Tarzan they have the actors flying arround even above the crowds sitting in the audiance!

The story probably is familiar, it's about a youngh English family that has been shipwrecked and gets lost in the Jungle. The parents don't survive the merciless Jungle, leaving their newborn baby allone in the Jungle. Although not entirely allone because he gets 'resqued' by Kala a female gorrilla that takes care of him. This way he survives and gets brought up by gorrillas.

While constantly looking for his true identity, he is faced with a Dilemma when he has to choose between his gorrilla family where he was brought or accompany Jane and build upa life among people of his own kind?

             'A wonderful theatrical performance by actors Chantal Janzen (Jane)
             and originally Ron Link* (Tarzan), and the rest of the cast where all
             unbelievably proffesional and it must have been a challenge to
             also learn to be acrobats!'

* (Last Minute Information: due to a little accident having
a broken toe, the 'understudy' John Vooys replaced Ron Link during his recovery.)

The decors and Light & Sound effects also where very impressive. For example there was a white cloth hanging from the top all the way down to lying on stage with moving lighteffects, giving it the illusion of a waterfall going over into a spring. It all looked somewhat magical.

And also it goes without saying that the Music and Lyrics by Phill Collins are great and will bring back the memory to this wonderful performance every time I hear one of the songs from it on the radio.

Sorry, that I cannot tell you anything about the very
unusual special 'openings scene' you have to see for yourself!


Anonymous said...

'And I was saved..., I was saved by a flying wild-man in a loincloth'

'Loincloth? Good lord!'

(Jane and the Professor)

Anonymous said...

'I'm tired of you and your emotional constipation!'


Anonymous said...

'I'll be the best ape ever!'

(Young Tarzan)

Anonymous said...

You did not try to look in google.com?