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Why You Will enjoy the Ramblings on this Blog?

Yes, well as you might have noticed from this 'Blog Name' it has to do with providing Inspiration for a Happy, Healthy & Rich LifeStyle.

So below you will find a few links of examples that - in my view - can be considered Inspirational. (if you think differently or have interesting comments or can complement it feel free to do so.)

First of all it goes without saying that I think that my little eBook can be Inspirational. You can find a FREE Preview at: http://www.lulu.com/hpvanduuren

Than a special post that I consider very Inspiring is for example is this AMAZING YouTube VIDEO where you see Paul Pots, perform in a very unexpected way!! you can go there by clicking this link


OOOPS..., LAST MINUTE INFORMATION: it seems that unfortunately this video isn't longer available for public viewing.

Luckely I do have more amazing video's and made a little list of 'Amazing YouTube Video's' for you on this blog'. You can find them below the Blue 'Headings' you can find near the Top of this Blog.

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