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HP's Happy Vibe: RELAX
Syndicated Through www.IdeaMarketers.com
HP van Duuren

I discovered that there is one simple principle in life, a principle everybody knows, a principle every child in the world lives by automatically. (Remember a child usually laughs a considerable lot more times than an adult on a daily basis.) It’s about a principle people sometimes seem to forget….., That it’s all about focussing on what you CHOOSE to FEEL, than you can feel “The VIBE” the HAPPY VIBE.


Nicely lying around in the sun with a nice cool breeze in your face that’s just an other example of a “Happy Vibe”. High up in the trees you can hear the wind blow through the leaves, a stunningly Big Blue Sky all those things contribute to the real “Happy Vibe Feeling”. Regularly taking time to RELAX is a good way to boost your energy and find Inspiration.

It goes without saying that sometimes you have to take a plane to find yourself a place where the Sky is Blue and the Sun is shining. And an other way is to get yourself a direct Relax-response by just thinking about it, and visualise it. Only looking at pictures in a travel magazine also can trigger Happy Feelings, who doesn’t know the joy before you go on a travel trip? If I think about such appealing Blue Skies and the great sunny weather than one of the locations that comes to mind is the Island Fuenteventura. (If you can read Dutch you can also read all about it on my Travel Blog.)

Fuenteventura is one of the Canary Islands, a real Bounty Style Island with beautiful white sand beaches. A large percentage of the sand is made of “Sea-shells-dust” the big benefit of it is that it is Feels nice and COOL under your feet. Because sometimes if you walk on some Beaches without your Shoes on the sand can pretty much burn your feet! Sometimes it can be real HOT, HOT, HOT! “You know what I am talking about for sure.”

So really it really real great to be on such a Beach with the Beautiful Palm Trees the Clear Blue water, taking a nice “Cool-down Swim” etc. etc. “This must be Paradise”. From Lanzarote I took the boat “The Blue Dolphin” to Fuenteventura. For one split second I thought I saw a few Dolphins along the way. Definitely saw a few Flying Fish that moved their “Wings?” - or what ever you may call them - real fast! Yeah…., those are the Vibes, the Happy Vibes!

About the Author: HP van Duuren is a successful salesman and writer. He is the Author of the International 'Hit': "A VISION for a HAPPY, HEALTHY & RICH LifeStyle" A short and Kick-start stimulating Self-help - and Personal Growth book based on his experience as a Creative Sales Support Employee at PolyGram, one of the biggest Entertainment Companies in the World today better known as: UNIVERSAL. HP van Duuren may be contacted at http://www.lulu.com/hpvanduuren. Click here to view more articles by HP van Duuren.

Syndicated with Permission through IdeaMarketers.com

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