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Hello, Houston we have a 'Big One'

Just a few minutes ago I read an article and learned that Beyoncé Knowles was born in Houston Texas, and that she and her group was discovered by nowbody less than Whitney Houston. So that seems to be an original 'angle' to be writing about.

Last year I did see Whitney in an interview, and she seemed to have her twinkle in her eyes back and she smiled again. That was a big relief, because I was worried about her health being seriously in danger. I think that she is finding her balance back and even heared that there a CD on it's way. I am very curious about it.

Till that time I just like to put the attention on a CD of an other 'Houston' and althoug I don't think that her health is in danger, in fact she looks very healthy, she's only just 'Dangerously' in love.

And if you happen to feel endangered by it you can alway's dial 911 on one of the phones here below:

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