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Consioussness & Human Development

'Reading my blog you will notice
articles concerning Spirituality and
developing Consiousness'.

Recently I read about some Research showing that not everybody likes
their jobs.

This might explain Popular eBook titles like “Lay of your Boss”
or “Day Job Killer”. Personally I do not dislike my job because I am good
at it and in my ‘Day Job’ I don’t work ‘from 9–5’, if it was I probably
wouldn’t like it.

That’s how I made a discovery about how Behaviourismprobably under the influence of other Psychologists like for example Ivan P.Pavlov, that studied things like ‘Classical Conditioning’ - might have been more interested (- or paid for - by Industrial Companies?) to influence people and to be able to manipulate people into doing things than to do his ‘REAL JOB’ to study counsioussness.

This might have been the real reason Psychologist John B. Watson excluded the study of inner experiences or feelings from his research. Leaving a highly questionable Legacy that had a bad influence on the development of human consiousness!!!

Are ‘Leaner and Meaner’ company policies a sign of progress?
or just a lack of consiousness? and a sign of a badly influenced,
conditioned and degenerated race?

Please let me know your reply.


Joseph said...

Hi HP thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I work part-time for a psychological oriented company which is profit driven and too often unaware of the impact they are having on their employees. Too many companies rationize unkind behavior in the name of profit.

We can do something about that. We can create our own companies that strive to be success both in human terms and financially.

The world needs us all to be as conscious as possible so that compassion and kindness guide us all.

I have a small peace company at www. peace-together.com check it out. Peace and purpose to you, Joseph

hpvanduuren said...

Oops.., sorry for the late reply,

First time I tried to look at your site I must have put in a wrong url, because I saw a completely different site.

a somewhat complicated site from a music band!

Now I recently (re) visited - and this time did find a site that appears to actually really be your site - and read about your VISION and Mission Statement.

Although I did not specifically, consioussly had the intention to create a 'Peace Company' myself, with HP'Happy Blogspot I guess that you could say that I somehow also promote a certain kind of 'Peacefulness'.

Thanks for your reply,