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Please let me know your Happy Suggestions.

Being a very creative person, sometimes it's difficult for me to focus and be consiouss about how I can best serve my web visitors and give what they want. So in an attempt to get a better fix on what kind of Experience I could offer to my web visitors. What kind of Experiences YOU visiting my blog would appriciate, I came up with a few things that I might consider to aim for.

1) To let everybody wonder why you always walk with a smile on your face all of a sudden since you visited HP's Happy Blogspot.

2) To let everybody notice how good and energetic you look all of a sudden since you visited HP's Happy Blogspot.

3) To let everybody wonder why you became a 'Financial Wizzard' all of a sudden since you visited HP's Happy Blogspot.

Please let me know your suggestions, or if you have a great website etc. etc.
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Sandra Alvarado said...

Hey HP,
Thanks for visiting my blog. In response to your comment/question... Have you set up goals along with benchmarks and actions? I find that that is a very effective system when working on multiple projects and or needing to meet a deadline.

The demands of life will always get in the way, but you have to be tough to keep your goals. If you're consistent, you'll develop a nice rhythm.

I have been using this system for such a long time, it is second nature to me now. It really works!

I've written a report, The 7 Secrets of the Wealthy & Prosperous, I will be publishing soon. In it I talk about the goal setting system and more...

hpvanduuren said...

Thanks for your response,

For what answering your question is concerned,

Euh..., well..., I guess that one of the great 'secrets' of what my little eBook is all about, that it's all about just 'BEing' - in my case - a Successful Internet Entrepreneur. Instead of 'planning' to BE.

I use 'Inspired Action' and don't think I really use a specific planning method. (For example today I approached a list of people from 'yahoo groups' and I have been lying on the beach reading some interesting stuff about Internet Marketing, taking it easy.)

So I guess that my approach to planning is somewhat different than (only) applying 'Logical Cognitive' thinking. Although I am familiar with 'SMART planning'. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and having a 'Time path')

and although now and than I still can feel somewhat frustrated about the 'slowness' of my progress, and the 'small scale' I operate on, strangly enough I did see a remarcable more than 800% increase in my Adsense revenues!!!

So I think that I can consider this experiencing 'Success Waves'.

I must be doing something right?