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A Guy who owns his own Jet might be right?!!

When I worked at the Big Record Company, the building I was in was on the same terrain as the Recording Studio where a lot of Music Artist came to Record their stuff. I know from collegues that worked there before me that when Music Artist arrived they would hang out of the windows to look if they could see somebody famous. I understand that Bon Jovi came there to Record as well, but when I worked there he already had his own studio. So I didn't see him there, although I became somewhat used to meet other big artists. The Studio was in the same building as the Record Label "Mercury", I frequently had to go to the Mercury building and in the cantine where nice lounge couches and a big tv screen, so it goes without saying that sometimes I had to take some time to watch videoclips to keep myself informed and uptodate. I frequently had to go to Mercury to get CD-inlay pictures to use in publications. Sometimes it happened that there where no pictures. And guess what the story continues, it just happend again!! :) "No Picture". Just as my number of BLOG Visitors no exponential GROWTH yet! Guess I am gonna take Bon Jovi's advise:

"Keep the Faith"

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Anonymous said...

Bon Jovi has helped a lot of New Orleans Hurricane victims