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Reading one of my earlier postings I read that I mentioned Bon Jovi's "Keep the Faith" it reminded me of an other nice song about "Belief / Faith". I am talking about the song "You are the Universe" from "The Brand New Heavies" A few year ago I was invited to a reception of an old collegue at Universal. There was that Big UNIVERSAL logo - you probably know from the movie pictures - on top of the enterance. It was kind of funny, because I wanted to go to where the reception used to be, and now it's the Mailroom. Luckely I knew the guy in the mailroom and he could inform me where the (new big modern looking) reception was. O.K. here below is the CD I mentioned you can even listen to a little sound-clip of the song at Amazon.

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A smile is the universal welcome.

(Max Eastman)