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A Stampede of Happy Web Visitors to my Site

To apply my Happy Vibe principle, I like to FEEL that a lot of people like my Web Presence. Looking at my “Visitor Counter” does indicate that I do actually have visitors. My "Travel Blog" for example even has passed the 1000 visitors already and that blog is restricted to a mainly Dutch Language only! To get some more insights in how people like my website I like to get some interaction, some Feedback about how they like my site. The Good News is that I am Happy to say that I did receive a reply on my First Happy Vibe Column! It is however a reply written in Japanese or Chinese Chracters. If it’s Chinese than I can feel really lucky about the amount of traffic I can expect in the near future because there are a lot of Chinese!!!!:)

It does remind me of the adorable cute song titled: "IT'S A GOOD SIGN" Track 1 on Emilia's CD "BIG BIG WORLD"

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