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Happy Home Business V : 'Proto-typing'

Try It Out First

If you’re starting a home business. Before you go any further and start investing your time and cash it's a good idea to test things out on a small scale.

Here are some things you can do,

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No matter weather you plan to sell physical things, or your starting a website build a prototype. A prototype is a small version of your product that you build quickly to prove your idea is feasible. Show your prototype to a few people to see what they think. If you get a good response then you know you have a winner.

If you are providing a product or service why not test it out on a few customers. Give them a free try or a big discount to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the customers are satisfied and happy with your product.

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An other important step is to do some kind of survey to find out exactly what your customer thinks of your product or service. You could hand it to the customer, include it with your product, or call them up and say that you are just calling to make sure everything is went well.

You can also offer for example a FREE Report to make it even more attractive for your customer to participate in the survey....,

Talking about 'Survey' I also have - for example - a little survey where your can tell me what you think about the site 'HP's Happy Blogspot', you can take a look at this survey by just clicking on the tekst here below:

  • Your opinion is important, Just take a little Survey and get an interesting 'Happy Lifestyle' FREE Report Just CLICK HERE (on the tekst you are reading right now) to tell us what you think
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  • So what ever you are planning remember it's a good idea to test it out on a small scale before you hit the big time. Trying it out gives you the opportunity to build confidence in yourself and your business without making big costly mistakes.

    As you might have read in 'Happy Home Business (part I)',

    (you can find it by clicking at the link here below: )

  • Happy Home Business I (a whole Series !!!)

  • 'Affiliate Marketing' is the ultimate Proto-Type-Business.

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