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A Music Business Inside Story

You probably have seen some of the Christmas Music presented
in the 'Video-Splash-Widged' you can find beneath
the 'Movie Trailers Video Widget' There you can find
a special selection of Great Atrists with
their Christmas CD's.

An other great artist that I want to talk about is
Trijntje Oosterhuis, some time ago
she performed at the 'Goois Jazz Festival!',
there she was the 'Mystery Guest'. (Somehow I must
have been enough 'Insider' to know that she would
be the 'Mystery Guest' that evening.) O.K.
now about the (Getting) Inside Story..,

Because I promised to listen to somebody performing in
one of the bands at the Jazz Festival, (In several
areas of the building, several bands where playing at
te same time)
I somehow almost managed to miss
the performance of Trijntje Oosterhuis!

The doors of the hall where already closed and nobody
could get in anymore. Fortunately there also was a side
door near the stage and maybe also because I was there
with a Musician we could get in that way probably as
being seen as one of the 'Music Guy's', having the best
spots possible, practically on stage ourselves! At the
same spot as Willem Duys, Known from Dutch Radio & TV
and known for being a big fan of 'Toots Thielemans'
the Musician that Trijntje performed with.

Trijntje is about to release a new CD with
Burt Bacharach Songs, in the Video here below you can find
a song with a Christmas thought titled: "That's
what Friends are For".

To watch Full Sceen simply click on the right below corner
of the screen when you go to:

Click here
to watch Full Sceen

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Here below you can find one of Trijntjes recent CD's

and the other CD on the Right titled: 'Who'll Speak for Love' has a song from Burt Bacherach especially written for Trijntje Oosterhuis!!

It will be released 25 December 2007.

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