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Happy Home Business VI: Marketing Plan

If you have read all the other previous posts about Happy
Home Business, you will recall that I wrote about a
"Business Plan", closely realated
is the "Marketing Plan".

'Let me ask you a question. Do You Have Marketing Plan?'

Interesting question because my own 'Marketing Plan'
is something that I am still in the process of developing
and perfecting myself :)

Marketing is the real back bone of your business. Don't
you think that it is important enough to need a plan,
completely separate from your basic business plan? After
all with out a plan how will you know where you are going.
Let's go over the basic information that your
marketing plan should include....,

(you can read more by clicking on the 'Read More'
link here below.)

First you need a marketing strategy and a budget. It is
a good idea to get the basics of your marketing plan
written down, so that you can see exactly what you are
aiming for. Start the process by making lists.

List of all the advertising you plan to do. Include
websites, newspapers, radio, flyers, the yellow pages ect.

You can think about both 'Online Advertising'
and 'Off line Advertising',

For example recently I wrote what is called 'Fillers'
for (off line) print media. A Filler is a piece of tekst
used to fill a blank space in a publication. It can give
the readers short tit-bits of information. It can break
the lenghier articles. Fillers can give a publication
variety. I frequently get ideas for fillers when I have
a look at the photo's I have made with my digigal camera.
The Fillers usually are some remark or ideas revolving
around my own (royalty free) photo's.

For each form of advertising you should assign an
estimated cost. Determine how many customers you expect
to reach. This will allow you to work out your cost of
per customer, which is how much of you budget you
need to spend on advertising to bring in one customer.

Next make a list all of the pricing policies you plan
to have, as well as any special offers that you think will
be good. Don't worry you can make price changes and
new offers later, The idea here is to have some
basic long term plans.

Another good idea is to have a list of other businesses
in your area that could be considered to be competitors.
You need to know who you are up against and a good plan
to differentiate yourself from them.

This is just a basic outline for starting your
businesses plan. Remember, when in doubt seek out help.
Do a quick search for sample marketing plans online
or visit your local library for more information.

You can Post
your Feed Back
by clicking
the "Comments" link.


Anonymous said...

Hi HP,

At least I assume that is your name... You seem to have a very interessting philosophy on Happiness. Maybe we can share some thoughts... Are you still working in the Sales area?


hpvanduuren said...

Hi Jane?

Yes HP are my Initials,

If you like to share some thoughts with me or other Happy Blogspot visitors, you can go to the CHAT-area or if you - for example - like to first make 'CHAT-appointments/announcements' or ask questions, you can use the
'SHOUT BOX' in the CHAT-area as your 'Virtual Meeting Point' on 'The NET', you can find both at:


To answer your question, Yes I still work a considerable amount of hour in the Sales area, because I like Sales and I also have several other (on- and offline) Enterprises in several stages of development.

All the Best,

P.S. You can also find my email address (hpvanduuren@yahoo.com) via the automatic 'MailTo' by clicking the Long 'Flamengo Picture' you can find at:


Jeff Bode said...

Great post, A good plan is very important. I believe your marketing plan should always be changed because the internet is always changing.

You need to adapt and use new marketing techniques to improve your traffic quantity and quality.

To Our Success,